• Kanalsoni


    To learn Python, visit https://wethepythonians.wordpress.com

  • Bruno Martins

    Bruno Martins

    Backend engineer @XING | Co-founder @Psyquê | Traveller | Bar hopper | Gamer | Writer?

  • Dimage Mmm

    Dimage Mmm

  • Manoj Pant

    Manoj Pant

  • Alison Salerno

    Alison Salerno

    Data Science | Machine Learning www.linkedin.com/in/alison-salerno

  • Audhi Aprilliant

    Audhi Aprilliant

    Statistics and Data Analytics Enthusiast. Portfolio & social media links at http://audhiaprilliant.github.io/

  • Laavanya WLN

    Laavanya WLN

    Data Scientist | Avid reader | Novice Writer

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