A perfect tool to drive earworms away.

Table of Content:

  • How to use Google Hum feature?
  • How is Google using ML in the “Hum” feature?

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

A complete beginner’s handbook to NLP

Table of Content:

  • What is Natural Language Processing(NLP)?
  • How does Natural Language Processing works?
  • Tokenization
  • Stemming & Lemmatization
  • Stop Words
  • Regex
  • Bag of Words
  • N-grams
  • TF-IDF

Machine Learning, Exploratory Data Analysis

One line solves all your problems!

“Data is the new oil” ~ Clive Humby

Computer Vision, Machine Learning

How to produce DeepFakes without writing any code.

Visual designed by Author on Canva. GIF Source: What are deepfakes? — TechTalks (

Natural Language Processing

If you haven’t been paying attention to the wonders of AI, you haven’t been attentive at all!

Computer Vision, Deep Learning

An interesting approach to make AI better at the art of “faking”!

Data Visualization

A Practical Way to show-off Machine Learning skills and help the globe around.

Artificial Intelligence

Is AI the final religion?

I just hope the computers decide to be nice to us.

~ Elon Musk

Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence

New AI milestone — a boon or a threat?

“Eradicating humanity seems like a rather useless endeavor to me” ~ GPT-3

  1. What is GPT-3?
  2. How it works?
  3. What it can do?
  4. Possible disrupt in the market by GPT-3

What is GPT-3?

Artificial Intelligence, Opinion, Technology

Describing a progressive recommendation system used by Tinder to get you a perfect match!

  1. What is Tinder?
  2. How it affected the Dating world?
  3. What users are expecting from Tinder?
  4. Possible Tinder recommendation system
  5. How other dating apps are calculating the “ELO” score?
  6. Developing Tinder’s ML Model
  7. Is Tinder an excellent matchmaker?

What is Tinder?

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