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Traffic & ETA prediction with Graph Neural Networks

Gone were the days, when travelers used to look for long, rough maps to chose their route. Now, they rely upon a popular tool, Google Maps.

Every day, around 1 billion kilometers are traveled using Google maps that are present in more than 220 countries worldwide. When you hop in your cars/bikes and start navigating, Google maps helps you by predicting traffic, an estimated travel time, an estimated time of arrival(ETA), and the best route for you to take.

But, behind this super-functionality of Google Maps, there is a pinch of AI.

How does Google determines Live traffic?

Machine Learning, Cybersecurity

And how to crack CAPTCHA using Machine Learning!

I am kind of amazed by the technology, sometimes, it hooks me to weird-yet-interesting short videos, other times, it asks me to prove, ‘I’m a human!’

You book Flight Tickets, you face CAPTCHA. You create accounts, you face CAPTCHA. You check for plagiarism for your article, CAPTCHA again!

Sometimes, I want to yell, YES! I am a Robot. (well obviously I am a human🙄)

Deep Learning

What GPU have to offer in comparison to CPU?

I bet most of us have heard about “GPUs”. There have been sayings that GPU is the best investment you can do for gaming.

But the technology that once fancies the Gaming Industry, is now a core element of various other realms including Artificial Intelligence, Video Rendering, Healthcare.

The two main GPU manufacturers are NVIDIA & AMD. The electronic giants once used to focus solely on the gaming industry to design their GPUs, but as the corpus of AI is expanding, the demand and specialization of GPUs are increasing exponentially.

The increasing attention on Deep Learning has enabled manufacturers to…

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Is it Weekday or Weekend? Should you use PNG or JPG?


I’ve been writing technical articles on the medium for a year, and have been featured in all major publications including TowardsDataScience, TowardsAI, The Startup, Analytics Vidhya, DataDrivenInvestor, LevelUpCoding. But this thing has always bothered me, “Which day would be best to publish my article?”.

To answer the question, I finally decided to perform Exploratory Data Analysis on articles published by the top 6 ML/AI publications on Medium on daily basis.

The top publications that are crucial to my dataset are:

Data Collection

To get the answer to our dilemma, we need to scrape data from…

Machine Learning

How to utilize most of YouTube’s API?

Via Kostadin

Last week, I wrote about how YouTube Algorithm works and the AI workflow behind it. But based on the information available regarding its recommendation system, I think there are some flaws in it:

  • It highly prefers watch time and obviously, longer videos will have high watch time and it tends to recommend higher duration videos after a certain period.
  • YouTube has a lot of clickbait videos, low-quality content and yet it is recommended and no actions are taken on false information imparted.
  • Satisfaction rates such as LikeCount, DislikeCount have little effect on recommendations that could be improved.

During my research…

Machine Learning

Who’s the boss? The algorithm or users?

From nerdschalk via Pinterest

With a high user base comes a mighty recommendation system.

You know me guys, I love to decode interesting algorithms. You can check out my articles on TikTok, Tinder, GPT-3, Google Hum!

Table of Content:

  • What is YouTube? How popular is it?
  • Decoding elements of YouTube

Homepage — Give suggestions without any query/navigation.

▹ Watch Next — Drive higher engagement to similar content.

▹ Search Tab — Show content matching the query

▹ Trending — The most controversial section of YouTube

▹ A Creator’s way to Success!

  • Deep Learning Architecture for YouTube’s Recommender System

▹ Collaborative Filtering

▹ Matrix Factorization

▹ Deep…


A perfect tool to drive earworms away.

You know me guys, I love to decode interesting algorithms, first, it was TikTok, then Tinder next was GPT-3 and now Google Hum!

Table of Content:

  • How to use Google Hum feature?
  • How is Google using ML in the “Hum” feature?

Were you ever in the exam hall/conference room and all you could think of was the weird music sound that was playing in the disco last night?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. This phenomenon is known as an earworm. And, to drive the earworm away and ease your mind, the only trick is to sing/listen to that tune.

But, you don’t…

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

A complete beginner’s handbook to NLP

Table of Content:

  • What is Natural Language Processing(NLP)?
  • How does Natural Language Processing works?
  • Tokenization
  • Stemming & Lemmatization
  • Stop Words
  • Regex
  • Bag of Words
  • N-grams
  • TF-IDF

Ever wondered how Google search shows exactly what you want to see? “Puma” can be both an animal or shoe company, but for you, it is mostly the shoe company and google know it!

How does it happen? How do search engines understand what you want to say?

How do chatbots reply to the question you asked them and are never deviated? How Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby works?

Machine Learning, Exploratory Data Analysis

One line solves all your problems!

“Data is the new oil” ~ Clive Humby

Data is an integral part of our life and unlike other resources it is inexhaustible but here comes a catch, it is only useful to your organization if you know how to mend it and get its gist.

Data Science is a process that includes: Collecting, Storing, Processing, Describing, and Modeling.

Processing, Describing/EDA(Exploratory Data Analysis) can be referred to as a lifecycle to get introduced to the data by finding relations among each variable and visualizing them to find hidden trends.

EDA accounts for a large amount of time and effort to…

Computer Vision, Machine Learning

How to produce DeepFakes without writing any code.

Visual designed by Author on Canva. GIF Source: What are deepfakes? — TechTalks (

Do you like performers and artists? Do you want to imitate them? Well, now you can!

Do you want to get viral on TikTok but are afraid of your dance moves? Well, AI got your back. All you need is your still image and a video of your favorite artist performing some moves. And, BOOM! you’re an internet sensation.

To imitate the above workflow we implement Image animation, which uses neural networks that helps us to wrap the source image on the motion of an object in the video sequence. …

Daksh Trehan

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