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Is it Weekday or Weekend? Should you use PNG or JPG?


I’ve been writing technical articles on the medium for a year, and have been featured in all major publications including TowardsDataScience, TowardsAI, The Startup, Analytics Vidhya, DataDrivenInvestor, LevelUpCoding. But this thing has always bothered me, “Which day would be best to publish my article?”.

To answer the question, I finally…

Machine Learning

Who’s the boss? The algorithm or users?

From nerdschalk via Pinterest

With a high user base comes a mighty recommendation system.

You know me guys, I love to decode interesting algorithms. You can check out my articles on TikTok, Tinder, GPT-3, Google Hum!

Table of Content:

  • What is YouTube? How popular is it?
  • Decoding elements of YouTube

Homepage — Give suggestions without any…

Computer Vision, Machine Learning

How to produce DeepFakes without writing any code.

Visual designed by Author on Canva. GIF Source: What are deepfakes? — TechTalks (bdtechtalks.com)

Do you like performers and artists? Do you want to imitate them? Well, now you can!

Do you want to get viral on TikTok but are afraid of your dance moves? Well, AI got your back. All you need is your still image and a video of your favorite artist…

Daksh Trehan

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